Are Your Goods Well-Preserved?


It’s heartbreaking to wait for a package to arrive only to find them damaged or in an equally bad shape. High customer satisfaction hinges on how well you can protect goods during transit, making it a vital part of logistics management.

Providing drayage trucking services in Texas allows us to understand our responsibility to preserve the quality of every package in our hands. What are some of the factors to achieve this objective?

  • Using The Right Vehicles

    The vehicles utilized to transport your goods have a direct hand in preserving them. It will help if you go for vehicles that protect your packages the most while upholding maximum transport efficiency.

    For instance, reefer vans are a must when moving perishable items. Dry vans also provide a good level of protection from the outside elements.

  • Good Packaging and Storage

    Packaging and storage go hand in hand when preserving the quality of your packages. Services like our intermodal trucking services Texas can mean several vehicle exchanges and transfers. Protective layers like boxes and crates minimize the risk of contact damage, while proper storage warehouses protect goods from factors like harsh weather and theft.

  • Proper Handling

    Every package needs to be handled well to preserve its quality. While storage facilities and packaging can protect goods, poor handling will almost always lead to damage. Logistics technicians should treat every package as delicately as possible to preserve quality.

Here at LaEE LLC, we have the staff and the vehicles to preserve the quality of your packages. We offer various logistics services, including port trucking in Houston, Texas. If you want to talk about how we can meet your logistics needs, please give us a call.

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